FIFA 13 Ultimate Team | How To Make Coins [Easy]

admin on October 15, 2012

Please remember to like the video, it helps my channel grow icon smile FIFA 13 Ultimate Team | How To Make Coins [Easy] Follow me below! FIFA 13 | Trading to 1 million series will start on the 20th of september Follow me on twitter for any news/updates on the web app etc… 1. buy now 300 technique. Simply buy gold players for 300 maximum price and quick sell the player 2. Maximum bid of 300 on a gold player then quick sell 3. keep kits you open in packs and try to sell them for what they are worth, you will be surprised! 4. sell bronze players in high rated teams (barclays premier league for example) 5. 59th minute technique, simply move to the last page of 59th minute and wait for a bargain Using these techniques should help you make easy money fast on FIFA 13 ultimate team, It’s kind of like a mini tutorial… Enjoy!